Presentation Sisters Catholic School Scholarship

This scholarship application must be postmarked or hand delivered by Friday, March 11, 2022


Knights of Columbus Scholarship


St. Sebastian Youth Activities Scholarship


South Dakota Partners in Education Scholarship

Eligible students are those entering Kindergarten and 1st Grade as well as new students to St. Lawrence School.


The George and Mary Kremer Foundation

The George and Mary Kremer Foundation is dedicated to Catholic education for eligible elementary schools in the continental United States.  They are very proud to be our partner in assisting those qualified students in financial need so they have the opportunity to share in the many blessings a Catholic education brings.  For a student to qualify, parents must submit a Student Grant Application, a Parent Application for Student Grant form, and meet the financial requirements as listed below.

*Complete a Student Grant Application for each child

  applying for a tuition grant.

*The Student Grant Application form must be submitted with

  the corresponding Parent Application for Student Grant form.

*Household income must not exceed the Federal Food Program's

  Maximum Family Income for Reduced Priced Meals of $55,080

  per year for a household size of 4 or less (as increased by $9,436

  for each additional family member over the number of 4 residing

  in the household).

Kremer Foundation Grant 22-23