2017-18 School Year Schedule

These dates are subject to change depending on administration.

Nov. 17             School Mass; 3rd grade

Nov. 17             Greenery pick up after school

Nov. 17             Missoula Children's Theater performance 1:15pm & 7pm

Nov. 21             Cloverbuds 3:10pm

Nov. 22             School Mass; all school

Nov. 23 & 24    Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 1               School Mass; 4th grade

Dec. 1               Student Council Store

Dec. 3               Advent begins

Dec. 8               Immaculate Conception Mass; 6th grade

Dec. 13             Christmas Program Matinee 1:30pm/Evening 7pm

Dec. 15             School Mass; 5th grade

Dec. 20             Student Council Talent Show 1pm

Dec. 21             End of Second Quarter

Dec. 22-Jan.2   Christmas Break

Jan. 3                School Resumes

Jan. 5                School Mass; 6th grade

Jan. 8                School Advisory Meeting 6:15pm

Jan. 12              Teacher In-Service/No School

Jan. 19              School Mass; 3rd grade

Jan. 26              School Mass; 4th grade

Jan. 27              Catholic Schools Week Kickoff Mass at 5pm

                             with dinner & bingo to follow

Jan. 30              Soup Day 11:30-1

Jan. 31              First Reconciliation 5:30 or 6:30pm

Feb. 2                School Mass; all school CSW

Feb. 7                Parent/Teacher Conferences 2:30-5pm

Feb. 9                School Mass; 5th grade

Feb. 11              Mardi Gras

Feb. 12              Parent/Teacher Conferences 2:30-7pm

Feb. 14              Ash Wednesday

Feb. 14              School Mass; 6th grade

Feb. 16 & 19     President's Day Break

Feb. 23              School Mass; 2nd grade

Mar. 2                School Mass; 1st grade

Mar. 7                Catholic Schools Raffle with Catholic United Financial

                             End of 3rd Quarter

Mar. 8 & 9         Spring Break

Mar. 16              School Mass; 3rd grade

Mar. 23              School Mass; 4th grade

Mar. 30              Good Friday/No School

Apr. 1                Easter

Apr. 2                Easter Monday/No School

Apr. 6                School Mass; 2nd grade

Apr.13               School Mass; Kindergarten and 6th grade Buddy Mass

Apr. 18              Spring Pictures 8-10am

Apr. 20              School Mass; 5th grade

Apr. 27              School Mass; 3rd grade

Apr. 27              St. Lawrence School Gala

Apr. 30              No School

May 4                School Mass; 1st grade May Crowning

May 5                First Communion 5pm

May 11              School Mass; 4th grade

May 16              Spring Program Matinee 1:30pm & Evening 7pm

May 18              School Mass; 5th grade

May 23              6th Grade Graduation Mass 8:30am,

                             Last Day of School, End of Fourth Quarter